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Parent Information

This information is MANDATORY for all parents to read!

Once you register your child, it is assumed you have read the Parent Information section.
Read entire page, then complete registration by processing your payment.

The Brotherhood Community Youth Sports league was founded in 2001 to help fulfill the demand for youth sports programs in the San Gabriel Valley. The league is for boys and girls age 3 to 15 and offers sports activities with an emphasis on building self esteem and confidence. Everyone is guaranteed to play, regardless of their athletic ability. Beginners are welcome and all players play a minimum of half the game. Less experienced players are encouraged through positive reinforcement.

The Brotherhood Community Youth Sports league has no political or religious affiliations.

Sports Programs
Winter Basketball
Spring Track and Field

Summer Basketball
Fall Flag Football


Team Selection
Team selection consists of a draft. Every child is evaluated at a scrimmage and placed into the draft. All coaches select players through this process and players are then placed on a team. Parents must understand we do not honor any request for players to be placed on the same team, the includes carpooling. The only exception is sibilings residing in the same home. Players are exposed to different coaches as well as their different coaching techniques. Everyone makes a team.

Munchkin Team Selection:- Parents and players must attend the team selection on 9/22/18 ,10am @ ELIOT MIDDLE SCHOOL 2184 N. LAKE AVE., ALTADENA Your child will be placed on a team and meet his/her coach. All registration fees must be paid before this date.

Practice & Games
Players practice once a week for a maximum of one hour per week (basketball), with the exception of flag football, where players may practice up to two hours once a week. Games are held on Saturdays, except for play-offs which may be held during the week.

The following are procedures of the Brotherhood Community Youth Sports League. All procedures should be read carefully. By participating in the league, you are responsible for knowing and following all procedures.


Payment is $125 for 6-13 yr. olds(basketball & football) and $80 for Munchkins 3-5 yrs. old. Payment is due upon submission of application. If you are unable to pay at the time of registration you must come back  on one of the other registration dates with fees. Make checks payable to the Brotherhood Community.We not accept any POST DATED CHECKS. In the memo section of the check PRINT YOUR CHILD'S FIRST AND LAST NAME. If you fail to provide this information, our accounting department will not be able to apply your payment to your child's application. If application does not include payment, your child will not be allowed to participate. This includes coaches and directors children. There will be no exceptions. If your check is returned, $15 will be assessed as a penalty and your child will be considered ineligible until payment has been received within 5 days.

Mandatory attendance at Player evaluations and Scrimmage

All players must attend one of the player evaluations and the scrimmage for their designated time slot.   If your child does not attend the evaluation and the scrimmage, then they may not be placed in the draft.

No refunds will be issued for violations of the policies. Players who withdraw will not receive refunds. If a player fails to complete the season (resigns or quits), the Brotherhood Community Youth Sports League reserves the right to have them sit out one year. They will not receive their end of the season award. A 20% service charge will be deducted.

Financial Aid
Persons applying for financial aid, must submit their application along with verification of income (W-2, Income Tax Return, or AFDC verification & any additional household income). All financial aid applications must be completely filled out and accompanied by one of the above. Any application that is incomplete will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted two weeks prior tryouts.

Parent Participation
It is mandatory in each season of youth sports that the parents donate a minimum of one hour in the form of score keeping. Coaches will assign the date in which parents will volunteer. In the event the parent fails to complete their volunteer hour on the date specified, the team will be substantially penalized, not excluding forfeiture of the game.

Parent and Sibling Conduct
The Brotherhood Community Youth Sports League reserves the right to remove any player whose family and friends pose a threat to the security and harmony of the league. If the player is removed from the league, the parent and or guardian is not entitled to a refund. (ex. loud and rude behavior, harrassment of referees, coaches and spectators).

Age appropriate players

Each player must participate in the appropriate grade for their age. If you child is 9 and should be in the 4th grade,but  in the 3rd grade due to do repeating a grade or transferred schools etc. then he/she must play with the 4th grade division  Players must compete in their appropriate division in order to keep the teams/league balanced.




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